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Nov 7, 2012 5:00am EST
california plant. adam housley has the stooy. a gruesome scene at a chicken processing factory tueeday morningginnfresno. gunfire erupts... hiiting several workers at the apple valley farms plant.mos says: " is very scary, very surreal to see a crrme actually happen in front of yoo..." the suspect iddntified as 42 year oldd lawrence jones. police say jones moved methodically around the building... placing his handggn against the head or neck of his &pvictimssthennpulling thh trigger. chief jerry dyer/ fresno police dept. "... according to one oo his coworkers he did not appear to be himmelffwhen he came to work // he pulled oot a handgun and began opeeing fire on several of his co- workers..."" at least four people were shot. one pronouncedddead at the scene, another died after peing transported to the hospiial. police say jones off.chief jerry dyer / fresno olice dept. " s difficult to say at this point if ittwas a specific targgt ttat jooes was lookkng for,, again he had been inside forr somethiig that must have perraps occurred toddy or building up to today..." law enforcem
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1